Dec 14, 2014


Some things to keep in mind as you forge boldly forth to change the world: 

  1. Neither new nor old automatically equals better.
  2. Better is highly subjective and many of the criteria that determine better may not be measurable or predictable.
  3. Some things that have been around for a while have been around for a while because they work well. They don't need fixing just because they are old.
  4. Some things that have been around for a while have been around for a while despite the fact that they don't work at all. They should not be preserved just because they are old.
  5. Most organizational structures aren't just models of authority. They are also models of responsibility. They are not and should not be immune to change, but they may well exist for your benefit.
  6. Ideas are beautiful things, but not all that is beautiful is worthwhile. Sometimes, no matter how widely shared or enthusiastically promoted, in the wrong context at the wrong time even the most beautiful idea is as stupid as a fence post.
  7. Experience is usually overrated by the experienced and underrated by the inexperienced.
  8. Passion is valuable but, like most precious things, the value is determined mostly by what you do with it. It is least valuable on its own.
  9. In the sweep of human history, many geniuses have been ridiculed and many brilliant ideas derided. But many idiots have also been made kings and many stupid ideas made law. Perspective makes all the difference.
  10. Despite centuries of trying in virtually every field of human endeavour, nobody has ever really perfected anything.

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